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"You’re a wizard, Harry."

philosopher’s stone + faceless


exactly!sooo … i don’t care anymore.


sooo … i don’t care anymore.


That makes me feel like crying everytime.

Always the tone of surprise


"They asked if I am going to miss Harry Potter. I just laughed… I found it a dumb question, I spent 10 years of my life with all those people. We studied, learned and grew up together. I lived ten years as Ron, and now it’s like I’m missing a big part of me"

Rupert Grint

A Selection of Spells from Harry Potter

Of course, I deserve better. Of course, you deserve better. Of course, we deserve better than what we have right now. But then if we always think that way, how can we ever be contented with what we can give to each other? Yes, I know. Everything between us is not perfect. We do shitty things with each other. We say the worst words that could ever be said. We let go then hold on then let go again as if we are just playing in circles but then we always get back to each other, right? We push each other away only to pull the other one closer. We fool ourselves with the idea of someone better when we know, we both know that there is no one else, there is just you for me. You see, what we have is not the best thing. It is not the thing that we always dreamed of. It is not flawless nor it is painless but it was something real, something beautiful because we can feel it in our hearts and we both know that this is what we wanted. We deserve better than this but I guess, we just have to forget what we deserve and hold on to the love that we have right now because it is rare and we are too lucky to be able to find it within each other. And I guess, when you found something real as what we have right now, we should not let it slip away no matter how hard it could get, no matter how much pain it causes to the both of us, no matter how it exhausts us, no matter how much it could damage us because I think, it is also the one that could fix us, the one that could heal us, the one that could show us that the world is not that horrible anyway because we got each other. So hold on please? We can make it.